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I know we’ve shown you some videos of Linda Billet’s mosaic process in the past, but it’s worth showing you again.  One thing I love about her videos is that they start to show viewers how many steps, how much remixing, and how much effort goes into a finished product that looks effortless, polished, and beautiful.  This process video in particular professes to show the 5,897 steps involved in one piece.  Thanks, Linda!

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How to use pinterest to promote your Brick and Mortar Shop

How to use pinterest to promote your shop

Last week the Guild and I hosted a FREE google hangout, where I shared how to use pinterest to grow and promote your business. The response was awesome.

If you missed it, you can sign up here for the replay, plus receive information about a paid training, that you can grab at a discounted price, if you act quickly.

During the live event I mentioned that I was working on plans to use pinterest to promote my brick and mortar gallery. Over the weekend, I started to put the first of these ideas into place. Since they are so new, there is no data to show at the moment.  ( I’ll share as I put each step into place, and encourage you to go through the process yourself)

However, I’m a firm believer that the earlier you start the better. Everything takes time to grow traction, we all need to start somewhere.

Action Steps:

1: Create a board with the name of your store, gallery, shop, studio ( whatever you want to call it) When you create a board, you’ll see that you can add a map. By adding a map, it will show people exactly where you’re shop is located. And helps to set bells ringing in their heads that they can visit your space.

how to use pinterest


2. Add images to your board. I choose both images of the shop and of the products that can be purchased in the shop. You will also find that you can add a map to these images. So I also created an image, that links to gallery row ( where my shop is located) and one that links to Lancaster City.

To get started, you should have at least 30 pins on your board. Less and there just isn’t much to look at.

how to use pinterest

How to use pinterest

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