Kids Summer Art Exploration


kids summer art program with Amber Kane

According to the calendar we’re nearing the end of March, but looking out my window as I write this, I see snow falling. While I love snow, and the two hour delays that come with it, I too am ready for warmer weather.

I know that few people find two hour delays as exciting as I do, but perhaps that because my life is perfectly suited for delays.  My husband and I have no children, so when I get the call from work, telling me that we’re starting two hours late, that means that I get two extra hours in the studio.

I try to keep my celebration to myself, as my husband has to head to work, and my facebook feed, fills with parents that are in search of childcare, or suddenly have kids at home, keeping them from getting their own work done.

While I believe that two hour delays are a thing of the past until next winter, summer, and no school at all is just around the corner, and I”m guessing, that you wouldn’t mind having someone occupy your kids for a few hours.

Yes, I see you nodding your head. I created the Kids Summer Art Exploration to help you out, and because I love being creative with kids. The classes are from 8-10am on Tuesdays and Fridays, so that you can run to the market kid free. Click here to find out more and to claim a spot. Think of it like giving yourself a two hour delay.

Amber KaneMy creative practice is far from the traditional weaver. When warping the loom I never count the ends, I just go until I feel that it's time to stop. I don't follow patterns, I allow and sometimes encourage the yarn to move as it wraps around the front beam. If a string breaks, I work it into the piece. I create from my soul. I speak to the yarn as we weave together, striving to create the perfect connection, and when we become in sync a fabulous scarf, full of honesty, joy, and personality emerges.

Amber Kane - Fabricated Ends

MakersFest slated for June in Lancaster


MakersFest poster

This brand-new festival is set to overflow the middle of the street in front of the Guild’s Center of American Craft along the 300 block of North Queen St, Lancaster on June 8.


The special making activities include:

Additional details at

PA Guild Hands on Workshops

In-Person Networking

As I wrote in my last blog post, I am increasing my networking, both online and in-person. My in-person networking so far has included some happy hours for craft show vendors, as well as individual meetings with local artists. Sprinkled through out my posts this year, look for interviews and advice from fellow Pittsburgh artists. My first interview will be with Amy Garbark of Garbella. If you are a long time reader of the Handmade in PA blog. you may remember her Bike Cog Block Clock and tee shirt, both of which were featured here back in 2009.

screenshot of Garbella's Bike Cog Block Clock from 2009

screenshot of Garbella’s Bike Cog Block Clock from 2009

I will also be attending an artist talk later in the month given by Jenn Gooch, formerly of WERK.  If you are a Pittsburgh reader, come on out and join me!

/Jessica Schaefer is a graduate of Edinboro University with a degree in graphic design. She rekindled her love for design by creating, printing, and binding her wedding save-the-dates, invitations, and programs. She is a member of Pittsburgh Center for the Arts where she continues to study paper making and printmaking. Jessica started her Etsy business with designs from her own wedding before expanding to new ideas. This year her business, theBird+theBeard, also began selling cards in independent shops in several states. When not working on new ideas for theBird+theBeard, she enjoys camping and spending time with her husband and stepson. You can review her work at

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